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Listed below is the leadership of our UAW local.

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Executive Board


Darrell Johnson

(404) 761-5776 - Ford Motor Company


Vice President

Damon Heningburg - Ford Motor Company

Recording Secretary

Ruth Waller - ​Ford Motor Company

Financial Secretary

Chip Edmands - Ford Motor Company

Sargent of Arms

Shirley Holland - Ford Motor Company


Paul Yates

Ford Motor Company


Rob Bussell - Ford Motor Company


Wayne Quick - Volvo

Jarvis Brooks Berry Plastics

Retiree Chairman/Trustee

J.C. Phillips

Vice Chairman/Trustee

C. A. (Jessie) James


Horace Watson

 770.305.7241 - Retiree

Union Officials - Atlanta HVC


Rob Bussell

(770) 305-7240 - Ford Motor Company

Part-time Committeeman

Marc Emerick

(770) 305-7241

Ford Motor Company

Alternative Committeeman

Stan Lund

(770) 305-7241

Ford Motor Company

Quality Representative

Horace Watson

(770) 305-7241 - Ford Motor Company

Union Officials - Berry Plastics


Diego Pedraza

Berry Plastics


Shop Stewart

Jason Enfinger

Berry Plastics

Union Officials - Volvo


Wayne Quick


Vice Chairman

Jason Newton