About Us

At the time of our beginning, Local 882 was formed because of an absolute need, We have progressed from that time and it is extremely important that our members acquaint themselves with where our Union came from and how far we have come.

UAW, Local 882 was chartered July 11, 1941 with approximately 700 members working at Atlanta Assembly Plant and Parts Depot located on Ponce De Leon Ave. Atlanta, GA. Mr. H. L. King was serving as President of Local 882 at that time.

War was declared December 7, 1941 and on December 9, 1941, employees were instructed to finish existing production and the plant was closed on that date. Our members were idled until December 1, 1947 when a new assembly plant was opened in Hapeville, Georgia, assembling Ford cars and trucks. Red Winters was elected President of Local 882 which had a membership of approximately 1,500.

​​The Ford Parts distribution center originated in the Ford Assembly Plant.  The distribution center moved to East Point, Georgia and is currently located in McDonough, Georgia.The distribution center started taking orders for parts in July 1951 with 33 employees. The union leadership started at the Parts Center with J. B. Royston as the first Chairperson of that Unit. Followed by James Thompson, Tom Chandler, Ron Parham, Doug Lewis, Teresa McNiel and Chip Edmands have served in this capacity over the past 61 years with Robert Bussell as present Chairperson. Currently over 30 employees are needed to maintain this operation.

Later Presidents were Lamar Brown, D. G. Harvey, John Young, Nick Stephens and Louie Echols. During Echols’ administration, a new Union Hall was constructed in 1955 causing an assessment to each member of $5.00 per month for four months. The Union Hall is located at 377 Central Ave. Hapeville, Georgia and was built at a cost of $5,000.00.

Succeeding Presidents were V H. Thompson, I. E. Sewell and H. B. Hart.

In 1964, the Tractor Unit was added with a membership of approximately 65 members. In 1965, a second shift was added in the Assembly Plant and their total membership grew to approximately 3,800, Present membership at the Assembly Plant is approximately 2,500.

In 1969, the president was Whitie Higdon, under his administration, an addition was started to the Union Hall, more than doubling in size at an approximate cost of $150,000.00, in 1969, A. G. Sanders, the next President, supervised the completion of the construction.

In 1975, E. F. Samples was elected President. Under his administration, approximately 25 acres of land was purchased a short distance from the Union Hall for the purpose of developing a recreational site for our members.  Bingo games began in 1977 for recreational purposes.

The next President was B. J. Costley, elected in May, 1978. During his tenure as President, the recreation area was dedicated the E. T. Michael Recreation park, On April 6, 1985. B. J. Costley passed away being succeeded by H. W. Woodall who served as President for only two days at which time A. D. Kent was appointed Vice President on April 8. 1985 and succeeded H. W. Woodall as president.

S. A. Hamby served as President from November, 1985 until June, 1987 at which time J, L. (Luke) Wilson was elected President. Under his administration, the Assembly Plant Material Services Inc. (APMSI) Warehouse was added, making it the fourth unit of the UAW family with approximately 21 members. In January, 1989 Luke assumed the responsibilities of the UAW Quality Liaison. He was succeeded by Frank Samples who was then Vice President.

Mr. Samples was elected President for the second time in May, 1990. Under his administration, we made significant improvements in our recreation center complex and in the educational field. The bingo, which was started under Mr. Samples’ administration. has paid for the entire recreation facility we presently enjoy. A. D. Kent served a second time for 4 years. A. D. Kent was succeeded by J.C. Phillips.

Bo Marlow was elected in May, 2002. Under Bo the Local got on the Internet with this website. Bo Marlow was re-elected in May, 2005 becoming the first Local President to be elected for two consecutive terms in over twenty years. Bo Marlow passed away on Nov. 26, 2005 and Vice President S. L. Stevens assumed the office of President.

Teresa McNiel was elected in July 2008-2011 as the first female president of the local.

Darrell C. Johnson was elected in June 2011 and is the current President of the local.